the Library of Babel

the Library of Babel


The Library of Babel consists of the 12 slim volumes pictured here. To learn more about the books (and to begin reading) please click on any of their covers.

These books have been brought together here because they all approach a similar set of ideas, though each from its own distinct perspective. We encourage you to begin by choosing the book whose subject matter is more alluring to you.

You can always return here to pick a different book by clicking on the HOME button in the navigation menu.

We thank these authors for their kind permission to present their work here digitally, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy your journey through the Library!

-Pierre Menard, General Editor

Shattered Minds

On the Precipice of Genius and Madness

This is for the geeks: As you know, lover of all things blue, over the past two centuries, scientists have discovered that the physical universe is fundamentally non-linear, multi-valent, and multi-dimensional. Almost every physicist working today agrees that uniform, linear time is only an illusion, that the universe does not choose among its various possible futures until a conscious mind LOOKS at it, and that every point in the universe can communicate INSTANTANEOUSLY with every other point. And yet, this revolution in understanding seems to have almost no effect on the way most people think about their world and themselves.

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